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Community life.

We know that life is a balance.

When you’re here, you want to feel as if you belong, but privacy is important, too.

Normal routines – You want the freedom to carry on your normal routine as much as possible because in “real life,” you don’t spend every hour going from one formal program to another. You read the paper, volunteer, practice hobbies, watch TV, visit with neighbors, and walk the dog.

So our priority is to provide abundant opportunities for engagement in ordinary pastimes here. Pick up a great book, have coffee on the patio, attend a cooking demonstration, use our free WiFi to watch NetFlix or shop at Amazon.com.

Opportunities to learn and experience – At the same time, there will be opportunities to learn and experience new things. Even with physical or cognitive challenges, all people have the capacity to learn and grow… at The Springs there is encouragement to try something different as well as enjoy what is familiar.

Located on the campus of Monarch Landing – The Springs is part of a larger, vibrant community. With our programs and amenities, you’ll find more to explore, inspire and motivate you just beyond your door.

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“At The Springs, caring for our friends and neighbors feels personal. We want the best for each other, and it shows.”

- Maria Nardulli, Life Enrichment Manager

Visit our community and experience some of our engaging activities.

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