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Long-term care.

Research shows that a long-term care community doesn’t have to look and feel like a medical facility in order to provide excellent health care. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Residing in an inviting, familiar atmosphere coupled with the ability to maintain your routine and independence helps you feel better longer.

First class hospitality.

At first glance, you might take us for something unrelated to health care. With warm fireplaces, comfortable furniture and smiling, eager-to-help staff, it’s an easy mistake to make. Our goal, every day, is to make you feel right at home.

Your perspective.

We’ve designed everything from your perspective. Prefer a late breakfast or an early lunch? How about a walk in the afternoon? At The Springs, we’re here to help you through your day, meeting your individual needs and preferences.

Friendly, familiar faces.

At The Springs, you’ll enjoy seeing the same friendly faces day after day for the ultimate in personalized and consistent care.

Relaxed household atmosphere.

Surrounded by cozy living spaces, our private suites with en suite bathrooms are well appointed with all of the conveniences and amenities you need, especially when outfitted with your favorite furnishings and belongings.

Visit our community and experience some of our engaging activities.

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