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Below is a very personal glimpse of what you should expect for you or your loved one staying at The Springs.

Written testimonials

“The therapy team was just great! You have a very good organization here. The staff and the nursing are very caring.”

rehabilitation guest

“It was a good experience, well-coordinated. I like the home-like environment, which helped me connect with other residents. I feel comfortable going home and have made progress every day physically with the help of therapy.”

rehabilitation guest

“The Springs is a beautiful place, and the food is just fantastic! One morning I wanted steak and eggs for breakfast, and you know what I got? Steak and eggs, the best I ever had!”

“The Springs is an excellent place with great service and staff. I couldn’t find a single fault. I’d recommend it to anyone, and even my nephew said if he ever needed rehab, this is where he’d want to be.”

Nick Bruno, rehabilitation guest

“There are always whispers. Some whispers are true, others not so much. This fact is common knowledge, regardless of what we speak. I would like to speak to you, not in a whisper, but loudly, about The Springs. I am a retired nurse who spent five years of my work life as Director of Nursing in Highland Park, Illinois, for an 82-bed facility. My husband Dan recently spent several weeks at The Springs for occupational and physical therapy after surgery.”

“The Springs is a state-of-the-art facility with incredible leadership. I am more than pleased with the kind and loving care that was given in all areas: nursing, nursing assistance, activities, and therapy. All these departments are creative in their approach to the health and well-being of each resident; I give them all five stars.”

“Dan’s and my move to Monarch Landing in March of 2014 was a blessing; having The Springs on our property is a gift. When Dan needed The Springs to get back on his feet, my youngest son asked me, “Mom, are you getting everything you thought you would get when you made this move?” I answered, “Yes, yes and yes!”

Monarch Landing resident and rehabilitation guest wife Joan

“I’m very impressed with the environment and the culture here. The culture made me want to get better. Everyone was concerned with my well-being and therapy. I can see the care that the staff has for me and other guests here as well. The place has a very dedicated and considerate therapy team. I’m very glad that my family chose The Springs for me. I would recommend this place to anyone.”

Rehabilitation guest

“Deciding on a rehab facility after surgery was a daunting task. With help from the Edward Hospital staff, I chose The Springs. Location and age of facility were factors. I was not disappointed. The quality of staff and services went beyond my expectations. Nurses and assistants were always on the ball. Daily therapy from OT and PT allowed me to leave in only twelve days. I gained needed weight and strength towards total rehab. An excellent doctor and staff were on duty daily and were impressive, as were all social customer service, and administrative staff. Everyone coordinated to help all guests. I would want to come back to The Springs next time I need help and would not even look any place else!”

Rehabilitation guest David

“What a nice experience it was to go to a place where people really seemed to care about how you feel. Meals were an experience in choice and were very good. Staff members always had a smile and went out of their way to find an answer to any questions I had. I have been to other places and in my book, you rate number one!”

Rehabilitation guest Lola

“I have been to other places and his has been very good. It’s an A+ experience all around. I’ve enjoyed being here.”

rehabilitation guest

“Overall, we were very happy. We feel safe and comfortable. I feel comfortable with the measures you take to keep my wife safe and secure.”

rehabilitation guest

“Before my hip surgery, my daughters and I checked out various rehab places, and we were very impressed with The Springs. We chose for me to be there, and it was everything I’d hoped for, and more.
I would highly recommend The Springs to anyone and everyone! The physical therapists were excellent, and the nurses were wonderful, even at night. I never had to wait for their attention.
The food was great too, and everything was so clean and beautiful.”

Mary Lou Patterman, rehabilitation guest

“The Springs is ready to professionally take care of your needs. I did find out that to secure a job at The Springs, it helps if your name is Val. Three Vals attended my needs, all experts in their job. The cook, Laurie, is a master chef. Megan, Whitney and Dianna all did the nursing part, and the PT exercise protocol. Twenty-four-hour service is a perk you do not get at home. I apologize to all those names I missed, and there were many. The kitchen staff made sure you were seated and prepared to eat. I can’t say enough of the treatment and care I was given. Plus, these people had a sense of humor. Laughter always helps, is appreciated, and a welcome addition to serious conditions.”

“I had a great time, but it is surely not the Caribbean resort I would sign-up for winter vacation. Thank God for The Springs and its entire staff. No sand or sun, but sunshine and beautiful people. A special ‘thank you’ to Val from Croatia.”

Excerpt from Lakes of Plainfield Magazine, in item written by resident Joe Harsa

“Everything was super! I have no complaints!”

Rehabilitation guest

“I give The Springs the highest score. I would recommend it to everyone!”

Rehabilitation guest

“I want to thank all of you for the excellent care and concern you have shown me. I know full well that without, I would not be ready to go home, so thank you so much! I can never thank you enough. My family and I are so very lucky that we found The Springs!”

Rehabilitation guest Barbara

“Our experience with The Springs was a very positive one. The staff was responsive, knowledgeable, capable, and very caring. The facility itself is very uplifting-the grounds and courtyard are very well landscaped and the interior is tastefully decorated, clean, and comfortable. Last but certainly not least, the meals were delicious as well as nutritionally balanced. All the above made for a cheery recuperative stay. We could not have asked for a better rehab experience for our mom, post surgically. We would highly recommend The Springs at Monarch Landing.”

Rehabilitation guest family member Marcia

Staff testimonials

Nursing staff testimonials

“Monarch Landing’s training is the most thorough and comprehensive programs that I have ever received in my entire nursing career!”


“Teamwork is well-represented at Monarch Landing. Management, nurses and fellow CNA’s are always there when I need help with our residents.”


“Monarch Landing’s New Hire Orientation is the most helpful informational session that I have ever attended. The overall information about the company, culture and benefits were extremely valuable!”

“The residents are the best part of my job at Monarch Landing. They are so welcoming, helpful and hospitable.”

“Our nurse educator is very helpful and always available to address questions and concerns. It is so valuable to have this resource on our staff!”